Condotta ell'era in ceppi (00:57)

Composer: Giuseppi Verdi
Lyricist: S. Cammarano

Azucena, the crazed gypsy woman, tells the story of the central tragic moment in her life, when she witnessed the burning of her mother at the stake.




Condotta el l'era in ceppi
al suo destin tremendo;
col figlio sulle braccia
io la seguia piangendo.
Infino ad essa un vareo
tentai, ma invano, aprirmi,
invan tento la misera

They took her in chain
to her terrible fate;
with my son in my arms,
I followed her, crying.
I tried to come close
to touch her, but in vain
In vain was her reaching out to me
to bless me