Conductor and Composer Peter Black  


  1. Vision Fire, 2000
    Cantata for Mezzo and Orchestra

  2. Song cycles for voice and piano
  1. Southeast with the Grain, 2009
    Cantata for Mezzo, Baritone, Speaker and keyboard
         An odyssey through Marin County, San Francisco and Yosemite
  2. The Golden Spiral, 2002-2008
    Eight locations in Marin County, spiraling out from Ross Valley to the Pacific Coastline.
  3. Sapphic Invocations, 2000
    Four settings of Sappho's poetry
  4. Twenty Songs
         Songs of the earth and of the spirit
  1. Choral works, Collections
  1. As Watchmen for the Morning, 1970-2002
    Eight sacred choral works for SATB and keyboard
  2. Our Light is a Voice, 1970-2002
    Eight sacred pieces for SA and keyboard
  1. Rounds, Canons and Part songs
  1. Harmonies of the Night, 1975-2010
    Six pieces for mixed voices and keyboard
         Sunset, twilight, the Milky Way, Orion and Scorpio
  2. Cycles of Nature, 1970-2000
    For a capella vocal ensemble
         Part 1. Marin County, eight pieces
         Part 2. Sierra Nevada, eight pieces
  1. Works for chamber ensembles, keyboards, and arrangements