Singing Teacher Lenora Black offering singing and voice lessons in Marin County, California  

Lenora Black

Singing Teacher Lenora Black offering singing and voice lessons in Marin County, California

Peter Black

Conductor and Composer Peter Black

Lenora and Peter Black of Marin County, California are a musical team, performing together for more than thirty years as singer and accompanist in recitals, orchestra concerts, sacred worship services, lecture/concerts and entertainment. Separately, each of them has related fields of expertise.

Lenora Black

  • Lenora, a singer trained by great performers of the twentieth century, passes on her skills to her students in private singing and voice lessons and group classes in Marin County, California.
  • Her experience as a registered nurse gives her a physiological approach to voice teaching. She is a voicebuilder for motivated singers of any level of ability. She works with those that need vocal rehabilitation, with the guidance of their health care providers.
  • She teaches singers interested in all traditions: popular, classical, Broadway, world music and jazz.
  • Her university background gives her students an awareness of music history and style, as she develops their complete musical artistry.

Peter Black

  • Peter composes music that springs from California landscapes: bird flight, ocean surf, mountains, constellations.
  • He writes songs, choral music and pieces for orchestra.
  • He is an orchestral and choral conductor.
  • He is a published author of music analyses, presenting his papers at conferences. He writes the lyrics for most of his vocal works.


On the Marin Symphony performance of Peter Black's Vision Fire:

"You were fabulous at the Composer's Symposium. The piece is terrific and the orchestra enjoyed working with you."


- Noralee Monestere
  Marin Symphony Director

"It was a great joy and satisfaction. . . to hear Vision Fire so beautifully presented by both of you! I was even more impressed by the beauty and integrity of the piece itself than on first hearing. It is an excellent piece of writing. Lenora, you gave the vocal part real presence, drama and beauty. Your diction was excellent! I felt the energy of the words. . .and the vocal sound was lovely and deeply rooted."


- Donna Petersen
  Mills College, S.F. Opera

On Lenora's singing:

"I have . . .been greatly impressed with her talents. She has a high degree of musicianship and artistic feeling. She has an extensive repertoire and has excellent German, French, Italian and English diction. Her voice is rich in quality. . ."


- Verna Osborne
  S.F. Opera, Voice Teacher

On Lecture/Concerts:

"The color and psychological setting that you created with your commentary and accompaniment provided the perfect background for the musical presentation of "Witches, Whores and Mothers" . . .Our City College Concert/Lecture Series just moved up a notch, given the quality of your scholarly presentation and spectacular performance."


- Brenda Chinn
  Concert/Lecture Series Coordinator
  San Francisco City College

"Lenora & Peter: We want you to know what wonderful feelings have been expressed in response to your performance [of "Women Composers in History"]. As the opening event of the . . .series, you set a precedent of excellence that we want very much to sustain. The synthesis of musical artistry, history and feminist philosophy expressed through your engaging personalities resulted in a memorable afternoon for all of us.


- Paula Koepke
  Wednesday Forum Coordinator
  Holy Names College

On Lenora's Teaching:

"I feel well qualified to comment on the excellence of her teaching. She possesses the rare ability to recognize and draw out excellent qualities in her students in a manner that is at the same time supportive and exacting. Her vast knowledge of music and psychology enables her to relate easily to students of widely diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds."


- Lynette Crane
  Professor of Psychology
  San Francisco City College